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FAME Parent/Student Expectations

FOD “Fame” Parent/Student Expectations Meeting

September 21, 2015

Committee Expectation Presentations:

Costumes (Roni Nagle/Pam Day)

-treat costumes respectfully

-may not like costume; it is a costume

-hang costume up, put all pieces of costume away every time

-no eating or roughhousing in costumes…ever!

-wear deodorant/use wipes or powder on stinky pits before donning costume

-offer help to drama mamas when possible (i.e. help pushing clothing racks)

-parent help needed (shopping, labelling, etc.)

Props (Holly Ventura a.k.a. Mama V./Linda Harmon a.k.a. Mama Harmon)

-always return all props to their proper location

-handle props with care

-parent help needed (shop for bargains)

-will be asking for props from home if anyone has needed items

Hair/Make-Up (Kim Storey)

-NEW RULE this year: Green Room off limits during show

-food: bottled water and animal/graham crackers only

-actors/actresses will be doing a lot of own make up

-ask for help if needed

-foundation provided, can bring own eye/lip makeup

Director’s Notes (Allison Martell-Bengston)

-“If you are on time, you are late.” (show up early)

-bring script and pencil/highlighter to every rehearsal

-entire rehearsal schedule available on website

-all info (i.e. rehearsal canellations) on Facebook (Nashoba Drama 2015-2016 group) and websites