About Bill and Rob

Bill Grady

Mr. Grady is not only is the advisor to our Drama Society, he also directs and produces the fall play, he produces the class plays, and produces and directs the spring musical.  He has more than 80 plays and musicals credited to his theatrical resume.
Since 1992, he is also the resident executive director of the Clinton Community Theatre, directing two to three productions a year.
He is a long standing teacher in the Nashoba District at the Luther Burbank Middle School. There he teaches eighth grade Social Studies.  He also directed the musicals there for over 15 years.
Mr. Grady has been with Nashoba for nearly twenty years, and our performances wouldn't be anywhere near the quality that they are without him.  In the TAMY Award Competition, honoring excellence in high school theatre, he was nominated as "Best Director" in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and won the award in 2012.

Rob Nierintz

Mr. Nierintz, like Mr. Grady,  greatly contributes to the success of the fall play and the spring musical as set designer, artistic coordinator, and costume designer.
His immense artistic talents can be observed when looking at all of the beautiful Nashoba sets, scenery and costume design.

He was  director of the fall play at Nashoba and director of the all-school musical for Hudson High School for over ten years.

In the 2012 TAMY Award Competition, honoring excellence in high school theatre, Rob won the award for" "Best Scenic Design" and Best Costumes"